Monday, April 23, 2012

Rotation 1

Our concept is to let the market find our flagship.  We initially planned to stop brewing the Velvet Hammer and Great Scot! while bringing on the Royal Scandal and Golden Opportunity.  But it's clear that you all would not forgive us if we stopped brewing the Hammer now.  So, we will continue to brew it for at least another quarter, but will make our first ROTATION - 
Bad news, Great Scot! is on hiatus - it's return to be determined. 
Good news, we've got a nice stock of Great Scot! in the brewery; we plan to sell some, age some, and keep it around for a few special events. 
More good news, the Royal Scandal is in the market now and we'll add the Golden Opportunity to the lineup for a summer release.  Not sure what Rotation 2 will have in store, but we'll keep you posted. 

And now a couple of pictures from Nairobi, Kenya...

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