Thursday, September 10, 2015


Come and Take It
Cascadian Kolsch
5% ABV

Not only do we favor beer names that double as commands, but “Come and Take It” is best known as a battle cry from the American and Texas Revolutions signifying defiance against tyrants.  What better way to show our Texas pride and defiance of beer tyrants than by crafting a flavorful beer in celebration of the Texas State Fair?  We’ll release “Come and Take It” throughout the fairgrounds on day one of the fair, Friday, September 25th and welcome all the usual north Texas suspects to tap it as well.

 Our Koslch serves as the basis for “Come and Take It,” but the similarities between the two beers end there due to an aggressive use of cascade hops that completely change this beer’s character.  Although we’ve added nearly a pound and half of Cascade per barrel to a Tettnang hopped beer, the execution and manner of the Cascade addition in a cohesive and seamless manner is what “Come and Take It” is all about.  Tettnang imparts spicy and earthy characteristics while also subtly contributing fruity, floral, citrus notes; whereas Cascade is primarily classified as a fruity floral hop with a hint of spice.  Emphasizing Tettnang early and Cascade hops late results in huge fruity citrus notes that dominate both “Come and Take It’s” aroma and flavor.  The more you drink it, the more you’ll enjoy it.  Weighing in at 5% ABV, we trust you’ll find this one refreshing beer.

“Come and Take It” pairs perfectly with fried foods made famous in Texas, winning big on the Midway, and sunny Saturdays at the Cotton Bowl.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Return of Thrilla in Brazilla

We are brewed this American IPA specifically for the 2014 Brazil World Cup.  However, summer soccer (Gold Cup, Women's World Cup, Copa America) has inspired the return of Thrilla in Brazilla.

Thrilla in Brazilla
India Pale Ale
7.5 % ABV / 75 IBU

Thrilla in Brazilla is gold in color with a tight white head of foam. The fruity-ester aroma is high to very high. Hop aroma is further characterized by high amounts of citrus with a slightly resinous character in the background. The aroma follows through to the taste with citrusy characters dancing on the palette, including the presence of fresh oranges. Thrilla is a medium bodied beer with medium high hop bitterness. As always, this beer is balanced.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Operation Collaboration

Operation Collaboration
India Pale Ale
8% Alcohol by volume / 75 IBU
What better brewery partner for our first collaboration than Green Flash Brewing, the pioneer of the “West Coast IPA?”  Michael Peticolas and Green Flash’s Chuck Silva selected just two malts and two hop varieties to brew this IPA.  Both malts are premium English malts and each hop is an experimental varietal grown in the Yakima Valley.  If these hops prove successful commercially, they will be assigned names.  Until then, the hops are simply known as 07270 and 06277. 

Operation Collaboration pours with a thick, dense, off-white head atop a golden orange colored beer.  The head leaves a healthy lacing in the glass as it is enjoyed.  The aroma is dank, but with subtle hints of citrus and juicy fruit.  The gentle bitter character allows the hop flavors to shine though with an abundance of tropical orange, pineapple, grapefruit and tangerine-like flavors.  The mouthfeel is creamy smooth and the finish exceptional – pleasant tropical flavors linger on the palette long after your last drink.  The evolution of this IPA from aroma to finish is a tremendous ride; you’ll be surprised how quickly this beer disappears from your glass. 

Monday, March 23, 2015


Our newest beer is a collaboration with Green Flash Brewing out of San Diego.
It's an IPA called Operation Collaboration.
Quench your thirst now.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Anniversary Beer Event - March 18

Time to tap our anniversary beers.
2nd Anniversary Beer - Black Curtains
3rd Anniversary Beer - Sledge Hammer
We'll also tap some other limited release beers, likely Irish Goodbye, Sit Down, and Great Scot.
As always, we'll pour our year round line up beers as well (Hammer, Scandal, Golden Op).
Tickets are available on Eventbrite

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Upcoming Beer Events

February 26 at Lone Star Taps and Caps - 8 kegs, 2 casks.   
Come join Michael Peticolas and Grayson Hall. 
You want our beer at home?  Now is your chance.  Come grab a crowler (or growler).

March 6
In celebration of the start of the FC Dallas season, we invite you to a Pub Crawl Friday, March 6.
Walk from Dallas Beer Kitchen, to Bottle Shop, Libertine, Blind Butcher, and end at Truck Yard.
Each location will have at least two of our beers.
Combining our two passions - beer and soccer.  See you there.